UPDATE: Tentative schedule for 2019

With the new year coming, I have some housekeeping announcements for the blog.

1) I will be trying to keep to a one essay every two weeks schedule this year, as I first proposed in launching this blog. That said, I may be publishing extra essays here and there if I find something particularly interesting that I want to share or if I want to give a more casual review of a piece of media. If for some reason you would like me to publish more often, I have set my Patreon goals to include a more frequent, including weekly, publishing schedule, so you can help make that possible here: https://www.patreon.com/JoshThePeaceHobo

2) I would like to take this chance to ask anyone reading this blog to let me know if there are particular topics, movies or shows, or other recommendations that you have! I would also love more feedback on the essays themselves, such as if the writing style was approachable or if certain essays were more interesting than others. I am still experimenting with different kinds of essays here, so any feedback would be helpful.

3) I have a tentative schedule for the first three months of essays in 2019, for which I have already been preparing:

January 6: Dehumanization and enemy images in adaptations of Matheson’s “I am Legend”

January 20: Environmental violence in the “Gremlins” and “Alien” franchises

February 3: Peace and Love in “Trigun”

February 17: Humanizing the dehumanized in Romero’s “Land of the Dead”

March 3: Intergroup Contact Theory in Cinema

March 17: National traumas in Horror Cinema, introduction to Trauma Studies

March 31: Structural Violence in Cinema



Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been reading my work and supporting me in this endeavor! It has been rewarding so far to do this writing regularly, and I hope to do a lot more. Every bit of support helps!

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