New Year, New Plans

So apparently it is the future and we are in the year 2020! Flying death robots: check. Impending global environmental collapse: check. Cyberpunk dystopian denizens smoking electronic cigarettes while plugged into “the net”: check. Huh….weird.


Today, I’m going to outline the new directions for this site and I have a big ask at the end if you’re willing to help me. So please stick with me for a moment.


With a new decade starting, I am going to attempt to resurrect this project once more. Last year, while in the middle of a 2-part essay, I failed to follow-up and the blog went dark. Part of this was due to a lack of engagement and interaction on this blog, as it just felt like I was mumbling into the abyss. Part of it was due to financial struggles that overcame me, as it just wasn’t possible to put some of my limited bandwidth outside of my academic work towards this when I had to find extra part-time work. And an even bigger part was recurring chronic depression, yay!


Anyway, after putting in time to sort a lot of that out, finding better ways to manage my depression, and changes in my personal life that have helped me regain a lot more spoons in my day to day life, I’m ready to try at this again. There are a few changes that are coming to this blog. First and foremost, there are not going to be scheduled essays, but rather essays will come out as I can write them on topics that are easiest for me to write about at the time. This way I don’t have to force my work as much and can more easily adapt to other time and work pressures that emerge. Second, I am going to widen the scope of this blog to media in general, partly because I want to start writing more about peace and conflict in games. So expect some new and interesting topics soon! Third, I am going to add a side blog that will mostly be a space for engaging with politics and issues in public life. I did this previously using a blog titled “Bios Praktikos” and will be trying to link up these two going forward under “The Peace Hobo” banner. I need a platform for expressing my political rants and engaging with the active public life or else I’m going to start feeling like I’m sitting on the sidelines as we face some of the greatest social and political challenges of our lives.


In addition to all this, I am currently discussing the possibility of producing a podcast about Peace and Conflict Studies with an academic centre in the near future. This is yet more work I’m putting onto my plate – let’s hope I’m not being overly ambitious! Then again, if I can even follow through on half of this, I’ll have done something which is better than nothing!


This brings me to my big ask, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it: would you considering DONATING to my work? I know it is silly to think you might consider supporting me in this endeavor and there are so many others in greater need right now. But if I am honest, my financial struggles have become the biggest barrier to me writing and being active the last year or two. My wife and I are trying to start our lives together, which has involved international moving costs, loss of income from her leaving her previous job, and a lot of other challenges that come with just trying to start a household. Additionally, there are financial emergencies that have emerged for both of us that I have talked to some of you about. If I could get a little financial help from supporters on here, it would both help enable my writing on here and my research on peacebuilding in my academic work. If I don’t receive any help, I’m not sure if I will be able to do this for very long. So please, if you can spare even just a few bucks, please consider donating through my ko-fi page at the link below:



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